Buying or Selling a Timeshare?

This article was written to explain to people who are regularly giving their hard-earned money to "rent" hotel rooms, that there is a smarter way. For about the same money as it would cost to “rent” a few vacations in a nice hotel, accommodations can be owned forever in a deeded vacation timeshare condo that exchanges via computer to resorts virtually anywhere in the world!


Vacation timeshare is more popular than ever! The largest and most respected companies in the resort industry are now selling timeshare resort condos. Marriott and Disney have produced blistering sales statistics, among others. The fact that strong consumer legislation now governs the timeshare industry, combined with the fact that solid developers are now the rule, has given the timeshare industry the stability once only accorded to luxury hotels.

Why Does Vacation Timeshare Ownership make so much sense? (Four million owners 4800 resorts worldwide.

1. STAY WITHOUT PAYING: Timeshare owners are delighted when they check out at the end of their week's stay, because their bill is ZERO! (And zero for the rest of their lives because they OWN their accommodation as deeded property!) The money saved here quickly pays back the low initial purchase price.

2. NOT JUST A HOTEL ROOM: As opposed to being a hotel room renter, enjoy status and fine treatment as a condo owner. It's a much higher style of vacation. Condos are spacious, have kitchens and private bedrooms. Sleep up to 10 persons. Most resorts have great activities/tours all arranged and often free! Spend your time enjoying vacationing. Save the hours and hassle of planning, because it has already been done for you!

3. SAVE $100 PER DAY: Because the condos have kitchens, a family can easily save $100 a day by not dining in expensive restaurants for every meal. Stock-up the refrigerator and relax - it's home!

4. NO EXTRA CHARGES: There is no charge for extra people like there would be in a hotel, and no extra costly occupancy taxes so common with hotels.

5. OWN, DON'T RENT: Owners can sell their interest whenever they want. Hotels obviously give NONE of your rent money back.

6. A GIFT OF LOVE TO HEIRS: Deeded timeshare owners can will their interest to their loved ones.

7. RECEIVE INCOME: Owners can rent-out their time rather than using it.

8. GIFTS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS: One of the most appreciated gifts you can give is that of a week at a luxurious resort. This is actually one of the biggest joys of timeshare ownership. It's a great feeling to say to a loved one - "I've booked a week in a nice resort for you - go enjoy it!”

9. HOME RESORT BONUS USE: At their home resort, owners get first choice at unused time at true bargain owner rates for two and three day stays.

10. OWN ONE WEEK BUT USE MANY WEEKS PER YEAR: Timeshare owners have worldwide "Bonus Time" available. These are extra weeks (and weekend getaways) through the giant exchange companies. These weeks require no payment of maintenance fees, can be used often, and the rates are known to be unheard of bargains. Luxury and spaciousness at budget prices!

In summary, If you vacation, timeshare makes great financial sense while offering superb facilities. It also is the perfect means to help achieve the most important thing of all - sharing quality time with loved ones!