Buying or Selling a Timeshare?

This article was written to explain a few of the reasons that people may choose to sell or exchange their timeshare.


Vacation timeshare is more popular than ever, although some people feel that it is time to either sell or exchange their timeshare.

1. I DO NOT USE MY TIMESHARE EVERY YEAR: Many timeshare owners who have paid high prices for their timeshare will find that if they do not use their timeshare each and every year that their investment will not pay off. This depends on the purchase price of the timeshare in comparison to what the owner might have spent if they had chosen to stay in hotel rooms rather than invest in a timeshare.

2. YEARLY MAINTENANCE FEES: Year maintenance fees are a part of the yearly costs of a timeshare and many owners find that they cannot keep up with these excess bills as their income may not be where they expected it to be at the time of the timeshare purchase.

3. REAL ESTATE TAXES: Real estate taxes add yet another cost to a timeshare which many find that they cannot afford each and every year.

4. BORED OF LOCATION: Many timeshare owners love their timeshare but finally get bored of its location and wish to exchange their timeshare location for one in a new area. Exchanging timeshares is a relatively new and fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of a timeshare yet have the flexibility of choosing a new location.

5. SIMPLE PROFIT: Many timeshare owners choose to sell their timeshare for a decent profit that they happen to be offered by the new buyer. Sometimes the premium for a timeshare may grow as time goes on and the location becomes more desirable than at the time it was orginally purchased.

In summary, If you vacation, timeshare makes great financial sense while offering superb facilities, yet it is nice to know that one can exchange or even profit off of the sale of a timeshare that they already own.